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In good hands

With over 15 years of experience, we have the expertise needed to grow your business.

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Meet the Germans

An open networking organization and platform founded by Thomas Klimeck.


International Project Management

We bridge the gap with excellent proficiency in project management.

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About us

We are more than just consultants. We understand your business because we know your business.

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Supporting services

We offer much more than just advice.

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We aim to exceed client expectations in everything we do.

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We provide professional project management services to clients worldwide.

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Tailored Project Management

klimeck consulting offers you customized individual tools and support - cross-border, multilingual and technical.

The experts at klimeck consulting provide professional project management services to clients worldwide. Our wide range of industry experience has given us a holistic, future-oriented approach. We have extensive experience in everything from marketing to chemical engineering and can assist in all types of local and global projects across a wide range of sectors.

Good project management can turn a troubled project into a profitable one.

Meet the Germans

Meet the Germans, founded by Thomas Klimeck, is an open networking organization aimed at connecting Germans abroad with those interested in learning more about Germany. Their events and activities are geared towards locals, expats and international students who want explore their new environment and connect with others.

go to meetthegermans.info

German Expats

German Expats is more than just a job market for German-speakers and hopeful employers abroad. Whether you’re looking or the right job or the right candidate, German Expats provides a platform for German-speaking professionals, and facilitates connections between German-speaking job-seekers and those looking to hire.

go to germanexpats.info


Our clients value us for our dedication to helping them achieve their goals, our creative problem-solving, and our deep technical expertise that spans a wide array of topics and industries. We recognize that your business is unique, and always craft a unique, customized solution for each new project.

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